Automated. Software-defined. Hyper-integrated.

Digital transformation calls for maximum agility, flexibility and security. LANCOM makes digitalization simple.

Rethinking saves 75 percent of time.

Your Network rethought, so that you don’t have to think too long. Rollout and control, for example: manage all network segments centrally with just a few clicks of the mouse – administration is Cloud-based and highly automated. What you gain: a time saving of 75 percent and maximum error protection. Discover the first hyper-integrated management system in the world via Private, Hosted or Public Cloud – perfection made in Germany and hosted in Germany.

Rethinking for maximum performance.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, LANCOM high-speed WLAN gives you full performance where it’s needed – indoor, outdoor, under difficult conditions. For two or for hundreds of users. Integration and control of the custom-fit switches and access points – as with all LANCOM network components – is automated via the hyper-integrated management system. Rethink WLAN: not as a bottleneck, but as a gateway to new digital efficiency.

Rethinking safeguards the future.

More and more communication, more and more HD, newer and newer processes run on corporate networks. For the digital transformation, maximum bandwidths and highly reliable performance are therefore key factors. Whether it’s fiber optics, VDSL super vectoring or LTE Advanced: LANCOM has the right routers with made-to-measure specifications – and for virtualized environments, too. LANCOM networks open new doors. Only one remains closed: all products are guaranteed backdoor-free.