What is an SD-WAN?

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) uses Internet-based wide area networks (WANs) to provide VPN services and multi-service networks. What was formerly the complex and time-consuming setup of new sites equipped with securely isolated networks is now handled quickly, automatically, and securely. Network functions can be virtually outsourced to the Cloud and integrated into the multi-site network (NFV). Software-defined WAN is replacing conventional, static, and manually configured network infrastructures—and is drastically reducing IT costs.

Benefits of the LANCOM SD-WAN solution

Cost reductions

An SD-WAN from LANCOM dramatically reduces WAN operating costs (OPEX). Expensive MPLS lines are either supplemented or replaced by low-cost Internet connections (DSL, fiber optic, cable, cellular). What’s more, an SD-WAN puts an end to the time-consuming and expensive configuration of individual devices by field engineers—it is even pos-sible to deploy new routers “zero-touch” deployment. In many cases, little or even no investment in hardware (CAPEX) is required: LANCOM routers and VPN gateways that are already in use simply remain in operation.

Flexible broadband usage

For modern enterprises operating performance-hungry online applications and cloud services, a single DSL connection or MPLS line simply does not provide enough bandwidth. In many places, fast fiber-optic connections are simply non-existent. The solution: a hybrid WAN. The required bandwidths are achieved by the parallel operation of multiple Internet connections at a site (DSL, fiber, cable, MPLS line, etc.). Internet access via LTE serves as a backup for maximum reliability. LANCOM SD-WAN infrastructures provide highly efficient, intelligent load balancing across all of the Internet connections for top-notch performance for WAN applications.

SD-LAN scenario
SD-LAN scenario

Maximum agility

The manual configuration of WANs in static networks at dispersed locations is complex, time-consuming, and error-prone. An SD-WAN from LANCOM is a radical contrast: Administration tasks are handled centrally, location-independent and automatically with the intuitive graphical user interface of the LANCOM Management Cloud. This takes business processes to a whole new level of agility—never before was it possible to react so quickly and proactively to new network demands. Even completely new locations are put into operation— quickly and securely—in the shortest possible time.

New applications by mouse click

Just one example: A retail chain with several hundred stores wishes to deploy a new unified communications solution across the whole com-pany. A task that used to take weeks or even months and incurred enormous travel costs is now reduced to just a few mouse clicks thanks to LANCOM SD-WAN. Using network virtualization by means of VLANs or a VPN tunnel per network (multi-VPN), individual applications and networks are prepared globally by the LANCOM Management Cloud and rolled out automatically to all of the routers at the various locations.


State-of-the-art security

LANCOM SD-WAN allows the networking of sites with just a few mouse clicks. State-of-the-art encryption ensures top security throughout. When it comes to secure site connectivity, LANCOM relies on IKEv2-IPSec VPN according to the specifications of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security). The automated VPN setup eliminates the need to manually configure each tunnel endpoint—a task that is highly error-prone and that even makes IT professionals break out in a sweat.

24/7 monitoring

The SD-WAN approach strictly separates administrative data on the control plane from the payload on the data plane. The control plane is outsourced to a cloud system, which ensures 24/7 monitoring, central-ized access and device synchronization, as well as the availability of the lines. Network errors and their causes are detected quickly, which enables fast and proactive reaction. The status of all of the managed devices is monitored at all times, and even local configuration changes are logged.

Get going today!

By choosing LANCOM SD-WAN, you are taking a holistic approach that goes far beyond the customary “software-defined” solutions on the market. Current LANCOM components and access to the LANCOM Management Cloud are all you need to get your WAN infrastructure “SD-WAN ready”. All your existing devices need is a free firmware update. You decide whether to switch your entire network over to innovative SD-WAN, or whether you take it step by step: A gradual transition of your different locations is easy to implement—so you should take a closer look at the full power of our SD-WAN approach.

A comprehensive portfolio SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and SD-WLAN

With more than 10 years of experience in high-availability multi-service VPNs for customers ranging from SMBs to multi-nationals, LANCOM Systems offers a unique, field-tested, and hyper-integrated lineup of products that are guaranteed to be backdoor-free. Our portfolio is suitable for any application and any type of connection, including VDSL, LTE/4G, analog, ISDN, Gigabit Ethernet, and SFP. The line-up includes multi-service routers, VPN gateways, All-IP & VoIP routers, as well as virtual routers (vRouter). We also have high-performance switches and access points that cater for all network segments—WAN, LAN, and WLAN—for a holistic, centralized SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and SD-WLAN.


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